Seventh Steering Committee Meeting for ALTERNATIVE partners in Oslo, Norway – 9-11/3

From 9 to 11 March 2015 , the Nova Research Institute organized a steering committee 20150311_1241311-300x225meeting for the partners of the ALTERNATIVE project. All fifteen participants made sure the meeting was a success.

On Monday morning, Espen Foss from the Nova Research Institute took the partners on a lovely walk through Oslo, showing off some of the city’s most beautiful parts. Along with some history and some sunshine, it made for a lovely morning.
From Monday afternoon to Wednesday, the steering committee meeting was held in Oslo, Norway. For three days, each partner of the ALTERNATIVE project was invited to present their work, their progress and their plans for the coming months. Each subject was discussed and reflected upon. With less than a year to go before the end of the project, partners are going into the last stages of their work, getting ready for the final conference in November 2015.

In the evenings, Nova had planned lovely meals in a great restaurant with a spectacular view of the city, or at one of the partner’s homes for a beautiful evening.

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