P1170318Dear reader,

Welcome to the project ALTERNATIVE blog. Project ALTERNATIVE is a four-year project funded by the FP 7 Programme of the European Commission. Its aim is to look for different ways to define justice and security approaches in intercultural settings. The four action research sites the project is involved in, are in Hungary, Austria, Northern Ireland and Serbia. Partners from Belgium (here and here) and Norway are also involved in the project.

This site was created in order to give each member of the team a place to contemplate restorative justice, in a personal manner. This is in no way representative of the entire project, it is simply an outlet for more personal findings. The members are totally free to publish whatever they like on this blog, as long as it relates to restorative justice.

You, as a reader, are invited to contemplate, consider and comment on these opinions. We only ask that you do this with respect. If you have a contribution of your own that you would like to make, an opinion piece, a column or something more creative, please send your entry to blog.alternativeproject@gmail.com, so we can post your insights as well.

You can begin reading here.



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